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What's your Música?


Say Hello to our
Beautiful Bottle!

Our distinctive, music-inspired bottle design is a perfect companion to our superior and unique tequila.



100% Agave Weber Azul

Love, Respect, & Inspire

Música Tequila, is a harmonious blend of rich aromas, heritage, and music-infused taste notes that celebrate the spirit of Mexico. All of our Tequilas are approachable premium tequilas that respect the heritage, craftsmanship, and artistry of Jalisco, Mexico while embracing the passion and inspiration of our customer’s music, family and friends.


The Music Behind Música!

Our founders' unwavering passion and inspiration have led us to create a unique and authentic cultural expression that is Música Tequila. We invite you to savor and enjoy this celebration of our shared love for music, heritage, and craftsmanship. Experience the unparalleled taste and aroma of Música Tequila, and join us in raising a glass to the timeless spirit of Mexico.

Lets talk about how music has influenced your Life, your Music, your Tequila!

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The Roots of Música Tequila...

Música Tequila, exclusively from 100% blue agave sourced from the esteemed Los Altos El Valle, nestled in the mineral-rich volcanic soil known as tierra Negra. This unique terroir imparts a harmonious blend of herbal, earthy, peppery, floral, and citrusy notes to our agave. Through meticulous care and nurturing at our distillery, we've harnessed these natural elements to create an extraordinary, flavorful tequila that encapsulates the very essence of Mexico's

diverse and fertile terroir.


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