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Friends & Music

It all started as Chris and Geri sitting with a group of best friends listening to music and enjoying great spirits. From great friends and great experiences Música Tequila was born.


As an engineer, musician and music producer, Chris has traveled the world and witnessed how music can bring people together from different walks of life, ethnicities, and cultures. Fueled by a love for both music and tequila, Chris and Geri embarked on a transformative journey to Jalisco, Mexico. There, they immersed themselves in the history, the people, the culture, and artistry that defines tequila-making.

With a firm belief in the unifying power of music, we've woven our mission into every bottle. Música Tequila stands for the love of friends and family, the respect for all music, and the boundless inspiration that springs from our shared passions.

We are not just crafting tequila; we're crafting connections. Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to our premium Música Tequila and an unwavering dedication to supporting local artists and musicians. Furthermore, we're devoted to nurturing the next generation of musical talent by supporting music education.

With every pour, we're harmonizing the world, one note at a time. Join us in spreading the joy of music and celebrating its extraordinary power to bring us all together. 

Our Vision:

Just as music transends borders, cultures, and generations; so too does Música Tequila.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Geri is a proud member of Women of the Vine & Spirits, an organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women across every industry sector and all three-tiers of the beverage alcohol industry.

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