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The Press is Talking about Música!

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Sent: Friday, May 3, 2024 7:11 PM
Subject: Tequila & Spirits Mag ★ Tasting Awards 2024 ★


Dear Christopher,


We celebrate a successful Tequila & Spirits Magazine Tasting Awards 2024.

The spirits Double-Blind taste scores results are in for the 2024 tasting competition.


Congratulations Musica Tequila. 


Your Tequila awards are as follows.


Musica Tequila Blanco scores 90 Points. 



Musica Tequila Tequila Reposado scores 88 Points.  


Musica Tequila Añejo scores 92 Points.  


For Immediate Release

April 30, 2024


Introducing Música Tequila:

Unifying the power of music into every bottle with Award Winning Excellence

Música Tequila skillfully blends traditional tequila-making with contemporary tastes


Detroit, MI and Ft. Myers, FL. —Music Spirits LLC, which blends premium spirits with customer’s love of music, is thrilled to announce the launch of brand Música Tequila on May 1st in the founder’s home states of Florida and Michigan in time for Cinco de Mayo. In March 2024, Music Spirits finalized distribution partnerships with Michigan distributor Great Lakes Wine and Spirits, and Florida-based Paradise Craft Distribution.


According to Geri Andrews, co-owner of Music Spirits, Música Tequila skillfully blends traditional tequila-making with contemporary tastes, creating a premium spirit that respects its roots while appealing to modern palates.


“It's a harmonious balance of old-world craftsmanship and new-age innovation,” said

Geri Andrews. “We spent five years finding the right team to help us develop a collection of premium tequilas with agave character and smoothness so that it is approachable, authentic and elegant. We are excited to bring Música Tequila to our home states of Michigan and Florida.”


Música Tequila, exclusively from 100% blue agave tequila sourced from the esteemed Los Altos El Valle (lowlands), nestled in the mineral-rich volcanic soil known as tierra negra. The additive-free tequila imparts a harmonious blend of herbal, earthy, peppery, floral, and citrusy notes to Música Tequila’s agave. Through the meticulous care and nurturing with our partners at NOM1598 IBEV Casa Tequilera in Amatitán, Jalisco Mexico, Música Tequila, harnesses these natural elements to create an extraordinary, flavorful tequila that encapsulates the very essence of Mexico's diverse and fertile terroir.


“This commitment to purity not only elevates your tequila experience but also pays homage to authentic Mexican tequila-making traditions,” said Music Spirits, LLC co-owner Chris Andrews. “We’re on a mission to combine our customers’ love of music with their favorite tequila and experiences. We have a firm belief in the unifying power of music, and we've woven our mission into every bottle of Música Tequila.”


The Música Tequila distinctive bottle, inspired by music, enhances our passion for music. From the treble clef front to unique surfaces curving from each side to the front and back and the signature 5 staff lines running up the bottle ending in the agave plant inspired ends.


“We’re proud that Música Tequila supports  Save the Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that has supported equitable access to music education for children for over 25 years, and our support for local musicians at live clubs, bars, festivals, and events,” added Chris Andrews.



As a newcomer, Music Spirits proudly announces that Música Tequila has been recognized by prominent industry competition, receiving multiple awards in 2024 by the Denver International Spirits Competition (DISC), and  the LA Spirits awards.


Current awards are:

  • Gold Medal – Blanco – 2024 DISC

  • Gold Medal Design – Reposado – 2024 DISC                                                                            

  • Silver Medal – Blanco – 2024 DISC

  • Silver Medal – Reposado – 2024 DISC

  • Silver Medal – Reposado – 2024 LA  International spirits competition

  • Silver Medal – Añejo – 2024 LA International spirits competition

  • Silver Medal – Añejo – 2024 DISC


Review by Author of The New Kindred Spirits

F. Paul Pacult, author of The New Kindred Spirits has provided a review of our tequilas:

Música Blanco 100% Blue Agave Tequila

“Aroma is delightfully tangy, fresh, savory, and delicately sweet, with ripe agave zest. Flavor is vibrant with agave ripeness, tropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple, minerals, and caraway seed. A highly enjoyable, vegetal, grassy, and gently sweet Blanco.”


Música Reposado 100% Blue Agave Tequila

“Fragrance is reminiscent of linseed oil, stewed pears, and white grape. On the palate, the flavor banquet offers tastes of dried citrus peel, honey, lemongrass, tobacco, pickle brine, and green olive. The delightful, svelte finish closes the sensory circle in style.”


Música Añejo 100% Blue Agave Tequila

“ The elegant aroma is tight, gently sweet, ripe, and leathery. In the mouth, the spicy flavor profile features honeyed, brown sugar-like, vegetal, and peppery tastes. A seductively agreeable Añejo, whose primary virtue is its sense of harmony and integration.”


No matter where or how you decide to enjoy Música Tequila, Music Spirits reminds consumers 21+ to please remember to taste and serve responsibly.


About Música Tequila


Why the founders started this brand

  • To connect the love of music with a truly great tequila

  • To give back to the next generation.

  • To spread the word in the unifying power of music that truly is the universal language and knows no borders!


How Música achieves this mission:

  • Providing authentic 100% agave tequila from Mexico, made from traditional & natural ingredients - additive-free.

  • Supporting music education through the “Save the Music Foundation” 

  • Supporting local musicians that keep the love, respect, and inspiration alive for us everyday


But the Música brand is not about its founders, it is about YOU!

  • Música is about the music that you LOVE

  • Música shows RESPECT for your favorite music, authentic tequila and the people in your life

  • Música celebrates how you INSPIRE others and others inspire you through shared passions and experiences


To learn more about Música Tequila, please visit:




For media inquiries or interview requests please contact:
Donna Hondorp

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