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Música Tequila: A Bottle You Can Trust

Musica Tequila Bottle at Sunset

The selection of liquor you display is more than just a collection; it's a reflection of your personality and tastes.

It serves as a conversation starter, allowing guests and connoisseurs to gain insights into your preferences and character. This understanding is what inspired the creation of our premium Música Tequila.

Designed as more than just a beverage, it stands as a statement piece that echoes our deep-rooted values of music, beauty, and love, showcasing the extensive craftsmanship that defines our brand.

A One-of-a-Kind Tequila Bottle

Our trademarked, music-inspired bottle gives a premium feel to a premium Tequila. Every side of the bottle is unique. The front is shaped like a treble clef, while the back is shaped like a bass clef. The sides curve, accentuating the treble and bass clefs, while giving the bottle an ergonomic feel in the hand. The 5 lines of the music staff are displayed on the front right side of bottle, showing our Música heritage. Every detail was thought out, even the ends of the staff lines that are inspired by the agave plant leaves. When you pick up the Música bottle, you will feel like it is made for your hand. That’s because it is.

3 Musica Tequila Bottles at the beach

Each bottle is hand crafted in Mexico, and unique. If you look closely, you will see that no 2 are exactly the same. This is part of your Musica experience. Each bottle is as unique as you and your music.

It’s distinctively Tequila.

The front of the bottle is marked with five lines, representing both the staff lines on sheet music as well as the stark leaves of the Agave plant. Tequila lovers will see the bottle as a curved model of the Agave plant, while music enthusiasts will see the bottle as a beacon of song. Lovers of both will see themselves in the bottle’s design.

While beautiful, it’s also a practical design.

It will fit both in a speed well for bartenders and on a shelf as a high-end bottle. The bottle is totally unique, but not in a way that disrupts your ability to enjoy Música wherever you decide to.

With a beautiful bottle, we still wanted to take Música up a notch.

Our Music-Infused Business Ethos

Every bottle you buy is supporting local musicians at live clubs, bars, festivals, and events.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting music education in schools. Música partners with the Save the Music Foundation, an organization that has supported equitable access to music education for children for over 25 years. This nonprofit has impacted millions of students nationwide with instruments, teacher resources, advocacy, and so much more.

By combining our customer’s love of music with their favorite tequila, Música tequila positively shapes our customer’s experience, while giving back to the community. The ways we impact the community are what inspire Música to keep creating premium products.

By rooting the Música brand in the community we’ve all found in great music, we hope to continue to help musicians pursue the love of song. By doing that, we will all benefit from the art as old as time.

Drinking Música is an invitation for music lovers to engage with the brand, giving a further sense of community that we’ve all found in music and merriment.

The bottle and business ethos aren’t all that goes into Música, however.

Tequila that Backs Up the Bottle Design

From the beginning, we decided that the branding and values wouldn’t be worth anything if they weren’t backed up by a premium product.

Música contains no additives, is exceptionally balanced and smooth, and sits comfortably at a mid-premium price point. It can be enjoyed both neat and mixed, but we hope it is always enjoyed in great company.

Música is an authentic Tequila, something that is shockingly missing from many of the bottles you might find at your local liquor store. Música has partnered with a multi-generational Agave farm at IBEV Casa Tequilera that has been in the business for over 50 years.

The Agave fields at IBEV Casa Tequilera are a Union de Ejidos that raise the highest quality blue Agaves in the Jalisco Los Valles.

When you choose Música tequila, you choose to support generations of Tequila farmers, local musicians, music education in schools, and a fantastic product that is true to the tradition of Tequila making, all without additives.

Chris at the Agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico

Choose a Tequila that Reflects Your Values

Música Tequila is designed to be value centric.

Our business model supports musicians, and we’ve created a product that encapsulates the values that so many music-lovers hold. Drinking Música means supporting the people who create the art we love to experience.

Música is trying to do something different in the Tequila market. It’s a movement of likeminded music-lovers, without pretension or judgement.

It’s simply art. Art you can feel.


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