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The Visionary Journey of Música Tequila

It’s tequila all over and not just any tequila, but a newcomer that has blended the very essence of spirit with… well, spirit! The spirit of mankind lies in music, the tantalizing notes that make our souls and bodies move with the tunes, making us lose ourselves, and our worries, and for a blissful moment, experience pure joy. Add a toast of a flavorful spirit to it and you have yourself the perfect combination. That’s exactly what Chris and Geri did when they decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and lay the foundation of an exceptional combination of music and tequila — Música Tequila.

Chris as a musician through the years

Friends and Music

Ahhh… two words that go hand in hand unlike anything else in the world. An evening with a group of friends and some music to accompany sets an ambiance unlike any other. That’s what Chris believed too when he and Geri basked in the radiance of the group of their friends, listening to music and enjoying some great spirits.

That’s when it hit him. Chris, the engineer, the musician, the music producer… who had seen and experienced the power of music to bring people together firsthand, who had seen it transcending boundaries we have set ourselves upon ourselves… like cultures, ethnicities, or any walk of life for that matter.

Thus began their quest, a quest to find the perfect combination of music and tequila, and where else to begin but the birthplace of tequila, Mexico. Thus, they arrived in Jalisco, Mexico, and immersed themselves in the culture, the history, the people, and the very artistry that defined the making of a fine bottle of tequila.

With the profound revelation they received, Chris and Geri, along with their faith in the unifying power of music, laid the foundation of Música Tequila. A symbol of love for friends, and family, and deeply rooted admiration for anything musical that emanates from shared enthusiasm and inspiration that cannot be bound.

More Than Just Fine Spirit

Música Tequila is not just some fine spirit to enjoy with friends and family, it is an experience, a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every bottle. As a musician and lover of all things music, Chris and Música Tequila are dedicated to supporting local musicians and artists. Furthermore, to ensure that the next generation of musical talent is nurtured to the best, we are committed to supporting programs in local schools for musical education.

A Blend Unlike Anything Else

More than just a palatable blend of earthy, spicy, floral, citrus, and sweet fruity flavors, Música Tequila is exclusively extracted from blue agave of the esteemed El Valle (The Valley), the premium tequila producing region of Jalisco, Mexico. Our agave plants are grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic earth recognized as Tierra Negra (Black Earth), and blended without additives

Step into a world where every bottle, every sip, and every laugh shared is a nod to the universal language of music. The goal of Música Tequila is to seamlessly integrate the love for music into your daily existence, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary moments, whether it's a casual day out or a vibrant social gathering.

A Music-Centered Lifestyle

Música Tequila is more than just fine liquor, it is a lifestyle. Picture yourself, surrounded by friends, the smooth notes of Música Tequila enhancing the atmosphere of a lively social gathering. It's more than just a drink; it's a statement about the importance of music in creating memorable moments.

It transcends being merely a beverage to become a lifestyle choice. It's a celebration of music in every facet, perfectly aligning with your desire to weave your love for music into various aspects of life, especially during social gatherings.

A perfect gift for the creative and innovative souls who look above and beyond to find harmony in every experience they create. The story, the motivation, and the desires, they all come together to formulate episodes in life that leave a lasting impression on who we are and how we perceive people, and vice versa. It’s all about sharing wonderful experiences and creating memories that are centered around music and friends. It’s about offering value beyond commercial means, it’s about engaging in a lifestyle that defines who you are and brings out your true creativity, allowing you to fully express yourself.


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