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The Unique Process Behind Música Tequila

Musica Tequila Bottling Team

Música Tequila is made using techniques and ethics that are of the highest level in the industry.

Now, it’s more important than ever to support businesses that are making a difference throughout the supply chain and beyond. Because of this, Música crafted a unique business plan that extends all the way from the farms we support to local music artists and music education.

How Música Tequila Is Made

All tequila by definition is made from blue agave. Blue agaves are cooked before being crushed and distilled into Tequila. While this is traditionally how tequila is made, some of the industry has moved away from the roots and values behind tequila production, instead utilizing new technologies that short cut the time it takes and compromising the quality of the tequila.

Our team at Música respects the ethics and values of the process, without compromising on the quality of our tequila.

Where Does Tequila Come From?

While all tequila needs to be at least 51% blue agave to be called tequila, Música is a full 100% blue agave. Further, for tequila to be allowed to be called 100% blue agave it must be produced and bottled in Jalisco Mexico.

Jalisco Valley Agave Fields

Música is an authentic Tequila, something that is shockingly missing from many of the bottles you might find at your local liquor store. Música has partnered with the family owned and run IBEV Casa Tequilera where they have been making the highest quality tequila for over 50 years. Our tequila is also bottled on site IBEV Casa Tequilera in Jalisco following the tradition of their forefathers.

The agave fields utilized at IBEV Casa Tequilera are a Union de Ejidos that raise the highest quality blue agaves in the Jalisco Los Valles. Música traditional tequila-making practices, staying true to its authentic tequila while also utilizing new technology where allowed. Our tequila is cooked in modern autoclaves, but at a very low pressure, and over extended time that most use this cooking method. This combination of low pressure and extended time is similar to oven cooking but we feel it actually provides some of the unique world class character of Música Tequila.

IBEV Casa Tequilera's unique connection with the family farms that grow our agaves is another testament to the respect of the Mexican heritage in the production of Música Tequila.

Música’s Commitment to Quality

From the beginning, we decided that our branding and values wouldn’t be worth anything if they weren’t backed up by a premium product.

Música contains no additives, is exceptionally balanced and smooth, and sits comfortably at a mid-premium price point. It can be enjoyed both neat and mixed, but we hope it is always enjoyed in great company.

Pure agave delicious tequila

While we could make a cheaper tequila, we don’t want to compromise the art of tequila production. Mirroring our music values, we view tequila as a balance of science and art. To dilute our exceptional 100% blue agave tequila with anything other than its main ingredients would interfere with what we set out to do.

Doing anything else would impact the flavor and experience of drinking Música tequila.

The Musical Roots of Música Tequila

While becoming a cultural-symbol, tequila was almost always paired with music in Mexican culture. Genres like mariachi and banda, are especially closely related to tequila. These musical genres are often performed at celebrations and gatherings where tequila is consumed, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

Our Co-founder Chris has worked with musicians from all over the world and has witnessed how music can bring people together from different walks of life, ethnicities, and cultures. It is this firm belief from both of our founders Chris and Geri, in the unifying power of music, that we have we have woven our mission into every bottle. Música Tequila stands for the love of friends and family, the respect for all music, and the boundless inspiration that springs from our shared passions.

Our Music-Infused Business Ethos

We are proud of our support of local musicians, playing music live, and the interactions and inspiration that is created in this artistic process.

Furthermore, our support of music education and music programs in schools is of the highest importance to ensure our next generations and their children do not miss out on the empowerment that music can bring to life and culture.

By combining our customer’s love of music with their favorite tequila, Música tequila positively shapes our customer’s experience, while giving back to the community. The ways we impact the community are what inspire Música to keep creating premium products.

By rooting the Música brand in the community we’ve all found in great music, we hope to continue to help musicians pursue the love of song. By doing that, we will all benefit from the art as old as time.

Drinking Música is an invitation for music lovers to engage with the brand, giving a further sense of community that we’ve all found in music and merriment.

Music and Tequila go great together

Join the Unique Process of the Música Movement

Musica is bringing something fresh to the tequila industry. By focusing on making top-shelf tequilas, supporting the farms who grow the agave, and giving back to the music community, we hope to make a sound that resonates with people who drink tequila.

When you choose Música tequila, you choose to support generations of Tequila farmers, local musicians, music education, and a fantastic product that is true to the tradition of Tequila making, all without additives.

Try Musica and join the passion behind the movement, sharing our love for tequila and music with others.


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