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Who We Are: High Quality Premium Tequila

pure tequila in glasses

At the root of every great brand is an authentic, sustainable product that’s built on great values and a purpose-driven mission. It’s always important to know what a brand is all about in-order to fully appreciate the product in all of its complexity.

Música Tequila is built from the sustainable production of high-quality lowlands agave plants and premium tequila. In addition, Música stays true to our commitment to support music education through the Save the Music Foundation, while also supporting musicians.

Here’s a little more about the high quality premium Música Tequila and who we are.

Our Tequila Production

At the roots of Música Tequila is an authentic production process of the highest quality ingredients from the esteemed Los Altos El Valle. This is truly a special place that you’ll recognize if you’re familiar with tequila culture and production.

agave fields in mexico
Los Altos El Valle Agave Fields

Part of what makes this place so special is the mineral-rich volcanic soil, tierra Negra. Volcanic soil, whether it’s for coffee, chocolate, or tequila production, has always been respected for its ability to create unique, sought-after flavor profiles in crops. The location is only the first part of what makes Música so special, but we’ve been committed since the beginning to taking every aspect of production seriously. From there, the 100% Blue Agave grown in the Los Altos El Valle is cared for and nurtured at our distillery, bringing out the unique subtleties in this truly special tequila.

How Our Production Connects to Tequila Culture

Our production, from field, to distillery, to glass, acts as an avenue for anybody drinking tequila to experience the wonderful history and culture of tequila. Tequila has always historically been intertwined with music, which is also central to Música Tequila.

The modern twist is what makes Música so special, however. Tequila is rooted in Mexican cultural music, like Mariachi and Ranchera. In Mexican cinema especially, tequila was the drink of choice to sip on, sing, and express emotion. Music has always gone hand-in-hand with tequila, but now, tequila is more and more associated with all kinds of music globally.

Música, staying true to its roots while celebrating tequila culture, created its brand ethos to reflect the wider love of music, culture, and experience that is crucial to experiencing tequila. That starts with the highest quality craftsmanship, but drives every aspect of the production process too.

Tequila Culture is at the Heart of Our Values

Tequila culture, as it’s briefly described here, informs the values of Música Tequila. Música supports local musicians, and we created Música Tequila as a reflection of who we are and the people who now drink Música. Those values come from the culture and history of tequila, and we want to stay true to those roots, while celebrating what Tequila means to people now.

the pheonix theory band sponsored by musica

Tequila is now widely enjoyed at all kinds of occasions. Coincidentally, it is also entrenched in the music industry. It is a large part of many types of celebrations, libation, and excitement. It’s also drunk in commemoration, mourning, and reunion. One of the most beautiful things about tequila is how it mirrors music, lifting up the widest range of human emotions. That’s what we want to support through Música Tequila, being the bridge that pulls all of those things together in a tangible and delicious way.

We’re All Influenced When We Partake in Tequila Culture

That experience is so special because it’s downstream of all of the beautiful things that go into producing high quality premium tequila. Put more plainly, tequila builds community because of its history, artistry, and relation to human emotion. It helps bring people together from all walks of life in a way that might not be possible without music and drink.

That’s also why we offer each type of tequila in the Música lineup. Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo all have their places on the shelves of tequila drinkers, and they really do create completely unique drinking experiences. Age dramatically changes tequila in the same way it does other spirits, and it’s important to us to serve Música for every kind of occasion that you may have. There’s room to sip Música to jazz with friends just as there’s room to make the best margarita you’ve ever had during a night out. The versatility of tequila is one of the many beautiful things about it, and we’re happy that’s true of Música as well.

musica tequila bottles and drinks and music

It’s part of the reason we’re so passionate about tequila culture and education. When you know more about the drink you’re drinking, you often appreciate it more, and that leaves more room for you to be impacted by it in a positive way. It happens to all of us at least a little bit, but it’s that much more impactful when you know the history and culture of what you’re partaking in.

Find Your Música

One of the many great things about Música Tequila is how easy it is to recognize. If our mission and values resonate with you as a tequila drinker, keep an eye out for our iconic bottle. You can easily recognize our bottle out and about due to the one-of-a-kind clef design.

Find your Música, with great music and even better company next time you’re out. If you're in Florida or Michigan, look for Música's hand-crafted bottle at your local bar or liquor store (or ask for them to carry it!) Also available for purchase online.


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